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CLM Laundry Franchise 

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CLM Laundry Franchise It is suitable for Kilogram Wash, Laundry Service, Starch Wash. We do all kind of fabric wash, Wash and Fold, Wash Fold and Iron as Kilogram or pieces Bases. Call +919895998611

We have more than 9 CLM Laundry Franchise Outlet across INDIA 


CLM Laundry is a project ventured as a new facet of CLM COMPANY, it has to mention as a world class and exclusive laundry service brand. CLM hopefully entered in to Kerala market by introducing separate machines for wash, dry and fold, iron and laundry. All the machines are different in its area, features and functions. So each category is specifically designed for its particular use. It’s right telling, they’re notable due to the reason where CLM is engaged with the developing and manufacturing of precision products for every purpose in the area of laundry.


The enormous possibilities of laundry and dry cleaning service brand have to repeatedly say, it has everything that you would prefer from a pleasant arena ensuring the revenue generation and job opportunities. The laundry service market in India shows the glitz of good signs, in India the current scenario shines much better than ever before and in accordance with Euro monitor International the laundry service market is expected to grow to $ 76.5 billion next year. Their studies and observations found that by the end of 2020, more than three million households will need laundry services on a weekly basis. So undoubted the inevitability for laundry would surely demand the growth of the laundry industry. Of course this is the apt juncture, the right time when Launsmart meaningfully introducing exclusive laundry and dry cleaning service brand. 


Selecting CLM, a Sister Concern of India's most trusted brand, Launmark India Pvt Ltd, gives you some privileges. As CLM have their own manufacturing unit, it is simple and easy to get the proper machine and related raw materials like consumables, chemicals, etc. As a successful laundry company, their customers are privileged to get the right machine for the right need and also the particular raw materials. The main issues encountered by the customers must be the lack of proper services in the industry. Here, we have a solid solution to this problem. We have an opportunity to consult Mr. Joby KM, the global laundry consultant and the CEO, Launmark India Pvt Ltd. So the customers have no worries regarding the training and services. And the other exciting fact is that Launsmart offers a combo machine. Which means a domestic, industrial and commercial laundry machine. When analyzing the privileges, one never goes out of CLM. The company created its position in the market since 2008, and the successful journey of uncompromising quality made them the No.1 trusted laundry brand in India. So let's join hands and flourish together.

Call +919895998611

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